American DJ

has amped up the brightness on four of its most popular sound-activated effects: the Topaz, Trance Wheel, Titan and Whirl. Re-named the Topaz 250, Trance Wheel 250, Titan 250 and Whirl 250, these new-generation fixtures now come equipped with more powerful 250W lamps. The higher wattage means they produce more vibrant, eye-popping colors. It also gives them the extra power to cover larger areas in bigger clubs and venues.

"Today’s DJs and clubs are asking for brighter, more powerful lighting effects that don’t cost an arm and a leg," said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Companies. "American DJ has met this demand with 250W versions of our top-selling Topaz, Trance Wheel, Titan and Whirl. Now these fixtures provide more brilliance and coverage than ever, while still remaining highly affordable to working DJs and club owners."

In addition to their high-intensity 250W lamps, the four sound-activated fixtures have a new design that makes them better able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The new high-tech molded plastic end covers that protect the case from damage- cater to the demands of mobile DJs and clubs, said Davies.

Of course, the four lighting effects still project the same vivid colorful patterns and graphics that made their predecessors so popular. They feature an effects-switch that operates in three modes: sound active, rotating or still head. For ease of use, the lighting effects have a focusing lens, a circuit breaker that eliminates fuse changes, and they are compact measuring 14.5"L x 5.5"W x 7.25"H and weighing only seven pounds.

A closer look at each effect:

Topaz 250: Features a beveled glass wheel that slowly rotates and projects onto a dichroic dish with seven different colors. The texture of the glass produces a flowing-water effect, which changes colors as it moves to the music.

Trance Wheel 250: Its rotating oil wheel projects through beveled glass, and it splashes multi-colored (10 colors plus white) psychedelic patterns on walls, ceilings and floors.

Titan 250: Also using beveled glass to create a softened effect, the Titan 250 contains a gobo wheel that slowly rotates through the textured glass and projects patterns onto a seven-color dichroic dish.

Whirl 250: This fixture projects a rotating 26mm gobo (20mm view area) through a five-color dichroic dish. It now comes with five replaceable gobos, which may be interchanged, giving the Whirl 250 added variety. Its easy-access door allows for quick, hassle-free changing of gobos.