Airstar Space Lighting, the originator and top seller of lighted balloons, will be repped in the Midwest by The Meetinghouse Companies, a Chicago-based event design firm.

”The advantage of the Airstar balloon is that it can be set up very quickly, in comparison to standard lighting,” says Robert Sivek, Meetinghouses’ COO. “The balloon design is more flexible and mobile, making it a valuable tool for a variety of purposes. Our clients will have the opportunity to use the Airstar balloons and the new Airstar lighted arch to create an exciting entrance or stage presentation for meetings, trade shows, and parties.”

The Meetinghouse Companies have been providing special event services to corporate clients for more than 35 years, including themed décor, audio-visual design, flowers, and entertainment production services, all from its 32,000-sq.-ft. design center in Elmhurst, IL. Airstar lighted balloons are filled with helium or air, and are equipped with a lighting system that casts a bright, glare-free glow. Their design makes them safe in difficult environments, which is one reason they were most recently used in New York City to help illuminate the rescue site around the remains of the World Trade Center.