Responding to rumors that have rippled through the industry, A.C. Lighting Inc. has announced that the Chroma Q line of color changers is still exclusively distributed by A.C. Lighting Inc and A.C. Lighting Ltd. A.C. Lighting has been distributing the Chroma Q range since its inception in 1996. According to a company release, “We have changed the entire color changer market by making a high quality, low maintenance product available at a highly competitive price. We have accomplished this by using mass market production technology and drawing on our experience of selling high technology products.”

The company stresses that the entire range, including Chroma Q, Broadway, M1, M2, M5 & M8 lite; is available from stock and new product is available from the factory via A.C. Lighting. Service and technical support are also, as normal, available through A.C. Lighting and our network of dealers.

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