Following its initial announcement last fall, the acquisition of Toronto-based Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. by AC Lighting has now been successfully completed. David George, president, and Jean-François Canuel, vice-president, research and development, will continue to oversee the operation at Spectrum.

The purchase prompted immediate expansion into new prestigious 18,000 sq. ft. facilities. Over the past few years, Spectrum has diversified its OEM product range which currently comprises a wide range of colour changers, gobo rotators, moving mirror devices, power supplies and distribution equipment, DMX splitters and switches, cable assemblies and gel-strings. Many new products for the professional lighting industry are in the final stages of development, and will be launched shortly.

David Leggett, managing director and co-founder of AC Lighting Ltd, commented: "AC Lighting is internationally renowned for introducing world-beating solutions to the entertainment marketplace. The acquisition of Spectrum will enable us to develop and manufacture innovative products through our own manufacturing facility, securing a comprehensive product range for the future".