Lighthouse Technologies announced that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Sony Electronics Inc. to utilize Sony's extensive resources to provide national on-site service programs to Lighthouse's existing and new professional grade LED large screen video customers in North America.

Sony has a long history with large-scale display systems, making them uniquely qualified to provide contract maintenance services and remote system monitoring to professional-grade LED video systems, such as those being sold by Lighthouse Technologies.

Under the LOI, the two companies expect to develop contract maintenance programs and remote system monitoring services catered to Lighthouse's large screen LED display systems. Sony will staff and maintain a North American field service organization complete with emergency spare parts, priority hardware exchange programs, field engineers, and overnight shipping. Lighthouse Technology's service and parts center, located in Irvine, CA, will provide material and technical support to Sony's service organization.

"I am thrilled to work with Sony to bring a heightened level of service and customer satisfaction to our customers in North America," says Tony Turiello, Lighthouse's vice president of sales, marketing, and operations. "Anyone who has used Sony's professional services in the past knows the company is very capable of delivering and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Under our planned arrangement, Lighthouse customers can expect the same high level of expertise and performance that Sony has built its reputation on."

"For Sony Electronics, this relationship will maximize the expertise, resources, and programs we already have in place," says Erwin Ishmael, vice president of professional services in Sony's Broadcast and Business Solutions Company. "In addition to contract and preventative maintenance programs, this is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of our remote service monitoring system capabilities."