Lex Products Corp continues to expand its technical and operational staff by hiring three key personnel: Tom Siko, Bill Froelich, and Michael Scala.

Tom Siko joined the company at the end of 2005 to fulfill an inside sales and customer service position. “Although Tom has been with us only a few months, his technical expertise, product knowledge, and ability to help customers with custom orders has proven invaluable to us,” says Mark McKinney, national sales manager of Lex Products.

Prior to joining Lex, Siko has been involved with all aspects of production technology including theatre, trade shows, corporate events, touring and installations, and has held positions of sales director, project manager, service & repair manager, production manager and lighting technician. Siko earned his BFA in Lighting Design from Wright State University.

“It’s great to make my way back to the east coast and to be working for Lex Products. I look forward to giving the best quality service and equipment to our customers,” says Siko. “I also look forward to increasing the depth and breadth of my own product and electrical knowledge; I feel like I’m going to school all over again I’m really enjoying the journey.”

Bill Froehlich joined Lex Products in December of 2005 as manufacturing manager. Froehlich will be playing an essential role among the manufacturing, engineering, and product development teams.

For almost 10 years, Froehlich worked for a manufacturer of portable power distribution systems and hoist controls, where he had a wide variety of operational and engineering development responsibilities. “Manufacturing should be a combination of ingenuity, economics and fun. I’m never satisfied that any process or product is as good as it could potentially be and I enjoy the practice of re-engineering and refinement,” says Froehlich.

Mike Scala, who joined Lex Products in November of 2005 as the new plant manager, brings more than 10 years experience as a manufacturing/logistics supervisor with over eight years management/operations experience in the telecommunications and consumer products industries.

“We hired Mike for his major strengths: process re-engineering, advanced technology/MRP implementation and management skills,” says Bruce Allen. “His ability to identify and resolve bottlenecks in the supply chain, combined with his experience to apply Lean Manufacturing principles, will make Lex more responsive to our customers.”

“I’m looking forward to helping Lex achieve their technical and operational goals for 2006,” comments Scala.