Pathway Connectivity

,a leading data communications company in the entertainment lighting industry, is pleased to announce the addition of a new partner to its industry partnership, the Pathport Alliance. Leviton Lighting Control, the US’s largest supplier of wiring devices, will add Pathport compatibility to further strengthen its theatrical, stage, and studio lighting systems offerings while backing this offering with its reputation for quality, reliability, and service.

The Pathport Alliance is made up of major lighting control manufacturers that have implemented the Pathport Protocol in their products. Pathport ethernet devices provide users with a powerful yet economical arrangement for patching, merging, prioritizing, and distributing up to 64 universes of DMX.

The Pathport Alliance is currently comprised of Entertainment Technology, Leviton Lighting Control, Flying Pig Systems, Interactive Technologies, High End Systems, MA Lighting, and Pathway Connectivity.

Additional manufacturers have expressed interest and are expected to join in the near future. David Cavalli, director of product management at Leviton’s Lighting Control Division says, "Our participation in the Pathport Alliance further brings an important addition to our ethernet networking solutions. We are very excited about the possibilities it presents."

Pathport is an ethernet-based device that facilitates the distribution of up to 64 universes of DMX lighting data. Launched at LDI 2000 in Las Vegas, Pathport earned a coveted LDI Product of the Year award (Lighting Software & Tools category). Last year Pathport Manager software was recognized with an Entertainment Design magazine EDDY Award for Lighting Software Product of the Year.

The largest and oldest company in the interface and distribution business, Pathway has been defining the future of lighting network functionality for more than a decade.

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