Leviton Manufacturing Company

was recently awarded Design Journal Magazine’s ADEX Award (Award for Design Excellence) for its D3200 Series Architectural Lighting Control System. The ADEX award recognizes products marketed to the architectural and interior design trade for their superior design features. Judges consist of architects, designers and specifiers. The annual competition attracts over 1,200 entries nationwide.

Leviton's D3200 system offers unique one-touch control for scene changes and menu-driven wizards on the face of the device that guide users through task set-up and programming. A modular, flexible system, its control capability can be enhanced at any time. Options include a Decora Four-Scene Wall Controller with a learning IR receiver, a Handheld IR Remote Controller and Setup Software that works with a Decora-style SmartJack to interface with a PC.

Leviton’s D3200 system is available in two versions: the D3206 and D3208 models. The D3206 is a self-contained unit with eight scene buttons that afford a total of 32 scenes and access to 186 zones maximum. Rated 2000W/VA (1000W/VA per zone and 1200W/VA per side), it can be used for controlling multiple scenes in home theaters, dining and living rooms. The D3208 offers the same features as the D3206 with the addition of 62 more zones, for a total of 248 zones plus combine/separate control for partitioning zones in restaurants, ballrooms and other commercial applications. It allows scheduled scene changes based on time-of-day events or dawn/dusk settings.