LEDtronics introduces additions to its line of drop-in replacement MR16-styled LED bulbs: high-powered White MR16 TrackLEDs.™

These new LED bulbs have two advantages over other MR16 LED bulbs. First, they are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany noisy or dirty AC or DC power supplies, eliminating burnout from incoming voltage that are higher than the lamp’s capacity. Second, they remove the need to stock a variety of MR16 LED bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that may present with 12V to 24V DC power supplies, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures.

These lamps have 2-pin bases, draw just 2.5W, feature 42 LEDs, and are offered in cool white and incandescent white. Four beam angles are available: Narrow (15º to 20º), standard (25º to 30º), medium (40º to 50º), and wide (100º to 120º). With factory-approval, the lamps may be ordered in other LED colors, voltages, and beam angles. Lamps carry a three-year limited warranty.

Unlike halogen MR16 lamps that create potentially damaging heat, LED-sourced MR16 lamps generate little heat while operating and pose no threat to the objects they are illuminating. Lighting professionals, architects, industrial designers, and maintenance departments will find these lights to be appropriate solutions for maintenance-intensive and low-voltage applications.