High End Systems’ DL1 digital lights and Catalyst media servers are adding a live dimension to LeAnn Rimes’ US summer/fall tour.

LD Steve Fallon has designed a flexible theatrical show to fit all sizes of venues, using four DL1s with the Digital Eye camera technology, two Catalyst™ media servers and a moving light package, controlled by a Wholehog® 2 console. Lighting contractor is Premier Global Productions of Nashville.

"The design is based on versatility and change on the fly," Fallon explains. "We were trying to achieve a design and system that would work in multiple venues, from fairs to arenas to casinos to corporate shows. Having a multi-media show gives me the versatility–it’s large enough and yet compact enough," Fallon explains.

Fallon uses the DL1s with the Digital Eye cameras for live camera shots. The DL1s came with the D-Mix pro system which has Hog software personality, allowing Fallon to live-switch cameras via the Wholehog 2. "We take the DL1s and point them into the audience and replay the audience on projectors so they are responding to themselves. We also use content from Catalyst and, for example, put into it a live image of a guitar during the guitar or keyboard solos, so it allows us to incorporate a live shot."

They also videotape fans prior to the show and import the footage into the Catalyst. The "live" images play during the walk-in. "We’re getting amazing response from other lighting designers, promoters, managers who didn’t know that they could do this with the equipment," says Fallon.

HES digital lighting equipment has changed the way Fallon designs a show, and saves on production and transportation costs as well. Instead of set pieces, Fallon carries disks with his created scenic content. "We incorporate the show into one truck. We don’t carry truss and motors – the promoter provides that. We show up with the DL1s and Catalyst and we’re up and running in one hour, and down in 45 minutes! It’s just two guys doing it – myself and Keith (Hoagland) – a departure from what country acts are doing...This is how the future is – just carry a media package and a moving light package and do a multimedia show."

"I’m discovering new things every day with DL1 and Catalyst," concludes Fallon, "and LeAnn is hip to it. She’s sold on it. She’s big on the toys. She’s already planning future projects and asking me, ‘Where do we go next?’ "

LeAnn Rimes tours through October.