Design & Drafting, the manufactures of LD Assistant, announces its 20th year as a developer of CAD solutions for the entertainment lighting and event planning markets.

Chicago Stage Equipment DBA Design & Drafting Software was established in 1986 by founder and CEO, Rufus W. Warren III, when he identified a niche in the entertainment lighting market. Warren recognized the need for an easy-to-use CAD solution for entertainment lighting design, presentation, installation, and event planning. The company's flagship program, LD Assistant, has evolved over the years to become a widely used design tool for theatrical and entertainment lighting design.

LD Assitant is used by many universities to teach theatrical stage lighting and by event planning and production companies for in-house design and presentation teams. The program has also become popular in Europe.

"It’s our customers who have kept us in business for the past 20 years, and for that, we are thankful,” says Rufus Warren. “We are looking forward to another 20 years of supporting our users with new and useful tools to speed their design process.”