Lamina Ceramics announced it will be a sponsor of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's (RPI) Lighting Research Center (LRC) LED Lighting Institute. The next LED Lighting Institute is planned for September 21-23, 2005, at RPI. In addition to sponsoring the LED Lighting Institute, Lamina will also donate its super-bright LED light sources for use in the design of architectural lighting fixtures.

The LRC's LED Lighting Institute provides hands-on training about this quickly evolving lighting technology in a small-class setting. Participants will learn about the latest advances in LED research, testing and technology, as well as various strengths and weaknesses of LED products, how to design lighting installations using LEDs, and how to select and specify LED lighting system components.

“We are excited to support the education of the lighting community through this innovative educational opportunity,” says Taylor Adair, president and CEO of Lamina Ceramics. “The future of solid-state lighting continues to brighten, and with the knowledge obtained from this institute, attendees will help bring this technology further into the mainstream.”

Instructed by LRC director of research Nadarajah Narendran, PhD, and several other innovators in the field, participants will observe hands-on demonstrations of a full range of LED technologies used in a variety of applications. They will also have the opportunity to experiment with LED lighting technology by building sample lighting fixtures and learn how to match application requirements with available technologies.

Those who complete the program receive an LRC Continuing Education Certificate in LED Lighting. For more information about the sessions and instructors, visit the LRC web site.