French loudspeaker manufacturer L-ACOUSTICS took advantage of this year's AES Convention in San Francisco to not only debut its new KUDO™ line source array loudspeaker system but announce the company's recent acquisition of L-ACOUSTICS US as well. The announcement came from Dr. Christian Heil, L-ACOUSTICS president.

"The construction of the V-DOSC® Network has undoubtedly been one of the most unique experiences that we at L-ACOUSTICS and our V-DOSC owners could possibly share," Heil comments. "As a result, with more than 10,000 DOSC enclosures in use with some 100 specialized service providers, the V-DOSC Network is today the most globally respected entity and virtually the most powerful organization to serve the international touring and special events sound markets.

"This experience could only be possible with the alliance of exceptional personalities and their involvement with a unique product. Jeffrey Cox was one of these uniquely qualified individuals. However, as many are now aware, Jeffrey, who has been my business partner for the past ten years, is no longer the general manager of L-ACOUSTICS US, effective February 2004. Between then and now, we have been in discussions; the conclusion of which is that L-ACOUSTICS US is now a wholly owned subsidiary of L-ACOUSTICS France.

"I can assure everyone that, with this new organization and a plan for future additions, we will strengthen the founding principles of L-ACOUSTICS with regard to our V-DOSC Owners and will preserve their privileged relationship with L-ACOUSTICS."

Despite this transfer of ownership, there will be no difference with regard to day-to-day operations here in North America and the change will be completely transparent to L-ACOUSTICS US client base. Domestic sales and support-related issues continue to be handled by the office in Oxnard, CA, and all current personnel remain onboard.

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