Event producers looking to make a big splash with lighting while leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible can now turn to Kinetic Lighting, Inc. to help meet their goal.

The company recently announced it is offering customers a new "green" package of eco-friendly production services. The lighting component of these packages replaces conventional fixtures with a complete LED system, significantly improving energy efficiency over traditional lighting equipment. Kinetic's all-LED lighting also eliminates the need for large dimming equipment, copper-heavy power cables, and wasteful color filters.

For events that still require additional power, Kinetic's green packages can include biodiesel generators. Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative to regular diesel made from domestic, renewable resources.

Partnerships with other suppliers allow Kinetic to also offer solar-powered roof and audio systems.

Kinetic Lighting's eco-friendly services to clients are an outgrowth of its own corporate green program. The company recycles all of its metal, paper, plastic, and electronic waste and is converting its office lighting to LED fixtures. Kinetic is also in the process of incorporating biodiesel fuel into its vehicle fleet.

"We believe businesses should play a significant role in safeguarding our planet's scarce resources," says Daniel Bortz, Kinetic's chairman. "Implementing environmentally-friendly programs for both our clients and ourselves is one of the ways we can accomplish this."