JVC Professional, a leader in electronic projection technology launches its new powerful D-ILA multimedia projector. The SX21 is capable of projecting multiple images with high resolution, high contrast and excellent natural colour reproduction. The best images can be obtained regardless of the user's expertise. This versatile projector meets the needs of the most demanding professional as well as the home cinema enthusiast.

Image outlines are crisp and sharp due to the incorporation of JVC's original vertical alignment technology and newly-developed optical engine. Color is superb because of the four-color mode look-up tables available (sRGB, MacRGB, AdobeRGB or EBU). The projector selects what mode to use and displays images in perfect clarity. Another nice touch is frame memory where a company logo or image can be displayed instead of a blue screen during down-time and in-between screenings and presentations.

With outstanding brightness of 1500 ANSI lumens, the SX21 projector delivers front and rear projection with easy lamp replacement and at only 13 pounds (5.9 kilos), it is a breeze to install. The exclusive 0.7" D-ILA device, featuring a native SXGA resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels, allows the projector to easily handle multi-window presentations. The high 800:1 contrast ratio ensures that images are sharply delineated producing results that would normally only be achieved with a traditional film projector.

Hajime Yamasaki, deputy managing director comments "this new projector allows for superb video and graphic applications using high performance projection technology. Present and future applications range from, home cinema, professional business presentations, imaging, map displays to HDTV theaters, simulations, 3D imaging, post production and commercial distribution. For stunning image resolution and colour quality the SX21 is the standard for the future."

Deliveries of this projector are expected to begin in early December.