JVC announces the release of the latest Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) projector, the DLA-SX21S. With the addition of a 1:1 fixed wide-angle lens with 0% offset, the DLA-SX21S has been developed for applications that require short throw, such as mounting into a rear-projection cabinet, or in rear-projection room installations where space behind the screen is limited. The SX21 is ideal when used in conjunction with JVC's range of CinePro optical rear-projection screen material, allowing the projected image, even under normal room lighting, to remain bright, crisp and clear, with no loss of contrast.

In contrast to other projection technologies the D-ILA projector display technology, used in the SX21, provides flicker-free images which has the advantage of reducing eye strain over long term viewing.

Stunning projection images are delivered by three high-performance SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) 0.7" D-ILA devices (1.5M pixels x 3). Combined with ultra-high 1.5M-pixel resolution, dramatic high-resolution pictures are produced with superb colour reproduction capability.

The user-friendly, ergonomic, compact design of the DLA-SX21S makes it easy to install. It weighs only 5.5 kg and is highly portable.

This versatile, D-ILA projector is ideal for motion picture presentations as well as for multi-view imaging in CCTV monitoring & control rooms, for CAD CAM and other technical and military training, for viewing medical scans and for executive boardrooms.

Advanced colour and image accuracy for today's and tomorrow's HD needs:

Several features of the DLA-SX21S allow the projector to reach extremely high accuracy levels for HD viewing. The DVI-D plug-and-play interface provides direct digital- to- digital input for the absolute highest quality image reproduction without degradation.

Optimising colour reproduction elements (i.e. colour temperature, gamma & RGB gamut), the JVC colour management system gives professionals the choice of four colour modes (sRGB, Mac, Adobe & EBU) to best match their needs. An extra-high contrast ratio of 800:1 allows the DLA-SX21S to project images with high fidelity, crisp edges and great depth.

For high-resolution reproduction of HDTV or DVD images, the digital image scaling technology (DIST) circuitry provides sophisticated de-interlacing and scaling algorithms. The DLA-SX21S accepts analogue signals in the NTSC/PAL, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080/24sF and HDTV formats ensuring total compatibility with current and future DTV/HDTV signals.

About JVC Professional Europe Limited:

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