Intelligent Lighting Creations, the Skokie, IL-based production and lighting company, recently supplied the lighting system for the new 1,000-seat sanctuary and lobby at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL.

The system was designed by Paul Wonsek of Paul Wonsek Associates, Atlanta, and installed by the D.L. Cook Corporation and Schramm Construction. Intelligent Lighting Creations’ director of sales, Todd Koeppl, worked closely with the consultant and contractors to insure the system and changes during construction stayed on schedule and on budget.

Christ Community Church lighting designer Larry Winters worked directly with Intelligent Lighting Creations and Paul Wonsek Associates on the fixture package to insure that the new space would be adequately illuminated.

The system was commissioned in late December 2002 in time for rehearsals for the January 10, 2003 opening of the new sanctuary and lobby. Winters commented, “Working with Intelligent Lighting Creations and Todd has made the transition to our new space not only seamless, but very easy. Intelligent Lighting Creations has been there for us through the whole process, including now when all the questions are arising. The support we receive from them on a continual basis is outstanding.”

The new sanctuary system includes two ETC Sensor SR48 racks, one ETC Sensor SR24 rack, one ETC Unison DR6 rack, two Pathway six-way DMX splitters, one ETC Net2 DMX node, one ETC Unison portable LCD control, one ETC Unison 10-button station, two ETC Unison five-button stations, one ETC Emphasis 2D control system, and ETC connector strips and drop boxes. The new lobby sytsem includes two ETC Unison DR12 racks and one ETC Unison LCD control, and three ETC Unison five-button station.

The fixture package includes 22 ETC Source Four 10° units, twoETC Source Four 19°s, two ETC Source Four 50°s, six ETC Source Four Junior 26°s, 100 ETC Source Four Par EAs, seven ETC Multipar 3s, 10 Altman #153 Scoops, two High End Systems Technobeams, and four High End Systems Studio Spot 575s.