Emmy® award-winning developer Rick Hutton has assembled an experienced team and created InLight Gobos, based in Dallas, TX. InLight Gobos aims to produce the high-quality glass gobos, both catalog and custom artwork, in black and white/greyscale or full color.

The technology to produce the gobos is licensed from The Swedish company Beacon AB, using a photolithographic process on ultra-thin zero expansion glass. This glass is the thinnest stack available, producing a full color image that is only 1.5mm thick, allowing the optical system to focus on all four layers simultaneously, and to get all layers in to equal focus. All gobos are manufactured with a “dark mirror” coating that acts to absorb ambient light within the optical system, eliminating the halo image seen with some other gobo processes and producing a much higher contrast image.

President Rick Hutton has more than 20 years in the entertainment lighting and laser industries. He has written several US and international patents for revenue-producing products including patents in gobo, optical and projection gate technologies. In 1994, he was awarded a Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. Prior to this, he toured as a lighting designer with a variety of bands. His interest in optics and laser technology led to the creation of Projection Technologies Corp, the parent company of InLight Gobos.

Sales Manager Scott Green also has a substantial background in professional entertainment lighting, starting with an eight-year run at Six Flags over Texas. He joined Vari-Lite in 1991, working in the manufacturing department. During his 10 years at Vari-Lite’s Dallas office, he acted as local operations/shop manager and, later, customer production manager for North America. In 1994, Rick perfected the Vari*Image™ process for Vari-Lite and Green assumed responsibility for processing every gobo order handled by the division. He was instrumental in establishing quality control processes and promotional programs for the product line. In 1999, he took over all gobo operations, a position he held until 2001.

Completing the team is Art Director Guy Gustafson, a specialist in graphics design and marketing. With over 14 years of design experience, Gustafson started his career as a designer in the sign industry. In the early ‘90s he began to master the personal computer, both Windows and Macintosh platforms. He embarked on website development and design, eventually creating his own web design and marketing firm, Red Planet Design, Inc. Simultaneously, he honed his skills producing artwork for gobo production.

Hutton, Green, and Gustafson can be reached toll free in North America at 1-877-589-GOBO or via email at info@InLightGobos.com.