The International Communications Industries Association's (ICIA)Professional Education and Training Committee (PETC) recently announced its annual "Call for Presenters" for ICIA's InfoComm China 2003 event, slated to take place on April 16-18, 2003, in Shanghai, China.

Dynamic speakers and presenters interested in leading ICIA’s InfoComm China 2003 seminars are invited to participate in one of the audiovisual industry’s most educational, interactive events. Please note that all courses must be presented in Chinese, and that no simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

ICIA offers courses in a variety of audiovisual technologies for industry professionals and technology users. The PETC is particularly interested in sessions about emergent technologies and their potential effect on the industry. ICIA offers educational programs that are not slanted toward any one manufacturer or product. Sales pitches cannot be part of any educational program.

Courses are categorized by 3 tracks. You will be asked to select the one that best applies to your course:




Courses are then categorized by a variety of topics. You will be asked to select the two that best apply to your course:

*Audio: acoustics, noise control, sound systems, components and applications

*Control: integrated control systems, show control systems, applications

*Display/Projection: projection technology, direct view displays, screen technology

*Management/Operations: Project management, personnel management; business planning, financial management

*Networking/IT: Reinforcement of basic networking technology, Internet and the A/V industry, webcasting, streaming audio and video

*Sales/Marketing: Industry-specific marketing and sales development, e-commerce, emerging competitive influences, changes in the distribution channel, and other related topics

*Signal Distribution: signal management and distribution; cable

*Video: digital video, distribution, video acquisition and postproduction, components and applications

*Videoconferencing: IP based teleconferencing, collaborative conferencing, applications

*Design: AV dealers, Design Consultants, and Manufacturers

*Education: K-12 Educators, Post Secondary Educators, Trainers

*Presentation: Presenter and Presentation Designers

*Rental/Staging: Rental and Staging companies, In-house providers and manufacturers

*Systems Integration: AV Dealers, systems integrators and installers and manufacturers

Type of Course:

Two-hour seminar (attendance is not limited. If more than one presenter required, the names of all presenters must be submitted as part of the proposal)

Level of course difficulty:




Speaker Expenses:

Speakers receive a complimentary registration to the show and free admittance to any other seminars and workshops. It is assumed that if the speaker is going to InfoComm with his/her company, the company will assume travel costs.

Review Process:

Your proposal must be submitted no later than September 30, 2002. The PETC will conduct an initial review of the presenter’s proposal in early October and notify presenters of their status no later than October 18, 2002. First consideration will be given to those who provide their ICIA InfoComm 2003 proposal package in time for the initial review. A second review may be necessary if additional openings remain. To be considered for the second and final review, your InfoComm 2003 course proposal package must arrive at ICIA no later than November 8, 2002. The PETC will notify presenters of their status no later than December 13, 2002.


Last day to submit for first review September 30, 2002

Notification of acceptance October 18, 2002

Last day to submit for second review November 8, 2002

Final notification for second submission December 13, 2002

To Submit Your Proposal:

You may submit your proposal by email, fax, or regular mail. You will be required to provide:

*Course title

*Indicative information about the presenter(s)

*25-50 word biography of the presenter(s)

*50-word course abstract

*Three learning objectives that will be accomplished by this program. A learning objective answers the question, "At the end of this session, the learner will be able to ..."

*Level of difficulty

*Requirements for any special equipment. A standard set up of a screen, data projector and sound system is supplied.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Lou Nanni, Director of Training at, 1.800.659.7469 x321, or 703.273.7200 x321. His mailing address is: ICIA, 11242 Waples Mill Road, Suite 200, Fairfax, VA, 22030, USA.