iMatte Inc., sister company to award-winning entertainment technology firm Ultimatte Corporation, recently introduced at INFOCOMM 2003 in Orlando, FL, the first of its products targeted for in-room presentations, videoconferencing, distance learning, content creation, and home entertainment.

iSkia (Greek for The Shadow) is a hardware device that interfaces between the host computer and projector, and puts the presenter back into the presentation in a way never before possible. It allows the image to be projected on the screen but not on the presenter or in the presenter's eyes, thereby creating a new experience for both the presenter and the audience.

The elimination of dangerously blinding light and distracting projected graphics on the presenter creates a presentation that feels completely natural to both the presenter and the audience. For the first time, the medium in which information is delivered doesn't get in the way of the message. iSkia requires no special software on the presenter's computer, works with any projector, and is interactive.

The Oscar(r) and Emmy(r) winning team that pioneered and dominated compositing technology in the television and motion picture industries for over 25 years has turned its attention to the communication industry at large, resulting in the creation of iSkia and its exclusive interactive feature, Leading Edge.

iSkia generates a mask to selectively inhibit the projected image, which also enables Leading Edge. Leading Edge utilizes this mask to control the computer's cursor to follow the presenter's hand, making it easy to underline, drag or highlight presentation elements. A key advantage of Leading Edge is that no additional hardware is required on or near the screen, unlike other systems. A screen is not even required; a wall or white board commonly available in meeting rooms is sufficient. Large venue presentations, instead of being problematic, become especially effective.

iSkia is designed for in-room presentation use at corporate facilities, learning institutions, churches, entertainment, trade shows, governmental facilities, hotels, medical centers, museums, and videoconference centers. iSkia's easy interactivity, along with the empowering ability of the presenter to maintain natural and comfortable eye contact with the audience, makes it uniquely powerful for training programs, product promotion, distance learning, corporate interactive presentations and webcasting. iSkia's technology has been designed for integration into projectors targeting these applications.

Paul Vlahos, CEO of iMatte Inc., states, "The effects technology revolution in the television and motion picture industry has profoundly strengthened box-office. We played a significant part in that revolution, and we hope to impact the presentation industry in the same way with our unique disciplines and perspectives".

About iMatte Inc.

iMatte was created to bring the innovative hardware and software technology of one of Hollywood's premiere visual effects tool makers to the broader community of the communications industry. iMatte's breakthrough patented technologies deliver visual tools to the hands of communicators, empowering them in a manner far more effective than ever before.

iMatte's strong roots stem from the award-winning entertainment technology company, Ultimatte Corporation. Founded in 1976, Ultimatte is the world's recognized leader in sophisticated matte extraction and compositing tools for the film, video and graphics communities, and recipient of numerous industry awards, including three Oscars(r) and an Emmy(r). Ultimatte founder and world-renowned motion picture and television scientist, Petro Vlahos, who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Oscar by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, also plays a significant role in the development of iMatte's patent portfolio.

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