TheIALD, International Association of Lighting Designers, has launched its 21st Annual International Lighting Design Awards competition in preparation for the 2004 Awards Presentation to be held next year in Las Vegas, NV, on April 1 in conjunction with Lightfair International. This year submissions must be in the IALD office no later than December 1, 2003. Complete information on the judging process and criteria can be found at

Last year, the IALD revised the awards format by requiring digital submissions and entries submitted into one of seven categories. New this year to the program is a Sustainability Design Award category in recognition of the growing importance of sustainable design. Any project submitted to the awards program may also be submitted for consideration under the Sustainable Design Award category, where the project will undergo an additional round of judging keyed solely to fulfillment of sustainable design principles.

This year the IALD is requesting entries be submitted in digital format. Images must meet the following requirements:
Project image requirements: QUANTITY: Minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 per entry;
QUALITY: TIF (best), PSD (better), JPG (good);
RESOLUTION: 300 - 600 dpi;
DIMENSIONS: (1200 x 1200px) Please note that images are either portrait or landscape, make sure that at least one dimension of the image is a minimum of 1200 px; MEDIUM: CD-ROM; All images must be named with respect to the project and numbered to correspond to the keyed description (i.e. cityctr001.tif, cityctr002.tif, etc).

The IALD offers the following advice to those who wish to submit images: The quality of the image is important in the judging process. Although the images do not need to be professionally photographed, they should be of the highest quality to illustrate the designer’s work. Please avoid the use of fill light when photographing the sites. If you must use fill light please clearly identify which images include fill light. Please also identify any areas in the images that were not the work of the submitting designer. Direct any questions regarding image submission to:

Each entry must include:
Cover page*
Written brief
Keyed description
Entry material release form*
Entry fee
* Samples available at or call 1.312.527.3677.

*Cover page must include:
Judging category
Entrant’s name
Street address, city, state or province, postal code and country
Telephone and facsimile numbers
Email address
Project name and location
Date of project completion
Lighting designers on the project, including those no longer employed by the submitting firm
Size of project in sq. ft. or meters
Installation cost
Watts per sq. ft. or meter.

A written brief must describe the design concept and a synopsis of the special challenges or restraints of the project in 100 words or less. Word count is strictly enforced. Briefs are referenced in both rounds of judging. Project images must be in the digital format described above.

Entrants are encouraged to include images that show the project in use, in context with its surroundings, and from a human vantage point. Smaller scale projects should show more detail rather than reducing the number of images. If the project is a renovation, an image of the project before changes is recommended.

If the project includes exterior lighting, at least one daytime photograph is recommended. If plans or drawings are required to describe the lighting solution, include images of the essential information. Keyed descriptions. This is a description of the lighting design solution that is referenced by number to the project images and cannot exceed 400 words in total.. It is referenced in the second round of judging. The description must relate the lighting solution to the architectural design concept and provide technical details of the solution.

Additional submittal requirements for the new Sustainability Award:
Written Brief. Provide a description of the project from a sustainable design perspective. Include details of the sustainable design challenges and goals for the project and describe how they were met during the course of design. This brief cannot exceed 250 words and should be keyed to the project images. This should be submitted as a separate Word document on the CD, entitled “Sustainability Award.”

Entry fee: (per entry)
US $75 for IALD and LIRC members
US $150 for non-members
Payment can be made by check, money order, Visa, Master Card and Discover credit cards. Checks must be payable in United States currency, made payable to IALD.
A single payment may be used for multiple entries. Please do not send cash.

Entries must be mailed in CD format to:
Awards Program
IALD, The Merchandise Mart
Suite 9-104
Chicago, IL 60654 USA
Telephone: 1.312.527.3677
Facsimile: 1.312.527.3680

Award-winning projects will be recognized by category at the IALD Trust Benefit Dinner and Awards Gala on Thursday, April 1, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.