Lighting industry veteran Todd Hucul has joined the staff at VLPS Los Angeles as shop manager. A native of Winnipeg, Canada, Hucul began working for Westsun 13 years ago. When the company opened its first US office in Seattle, Hucul was there to serve as the Operations Manager. Later, he moved to Las Vegas, again to help set up the operation. “I was pretty good at laying out the spaces and fundamentally involved in setting them up,” he explains. “I always thought that lighting shops should have the same look and feel to them. I specialize in streamlined, well-organized shops so technicians and clients can come in from anywhere and start functioning quickly and efficiently. I plan to apply that same technique to my new lighting shop, VLPS Los Angeles.”

“My background is mostly massive rock and roll tours and Broadway-type shows like the Lion King and Showboat,” explains Hucul. “VLPS works with the biggest and the best, so I’m very excited to be part of the organization.”

VLPS was recently appointed the primary lighting contractor for the upcoming Rolling Stones world tour and has been providing the lighting services for the new television show, American Idol.