Automation designers and engineers Kinesys have added Martin Honeywill as senior design engineer, who joins founders Dave Weatherhead and Andy Cave at their South London headquarters.

Honeywill has worked with Unusual Rigging for the last 12 years and with various lighting companies since his graduation from Keele university in 1985 with a BS in electronics and computer engineering.

Kinesys’ Dave Weatherhead and Honeywill originally met while the former was also working at Unusual after college. Honeywill headed up the automation department, and Weatherhead was there for four years before leaving to go freelance and then on to form Kinesys. “It’s great having Martin onboard,” says Weatherhead. “Apart form his wealth of experience, he’s a known quantity, both by me personally and at large in the industry. We know we can work together, and that’s vital on a small team.”

Honeywill is equally as enthusiastic to be with Kinesys. “They are an excellent company with a load of innovative ideas, much enthusiasm, respect from the industry and up for working hard to achieve their goals; it’s a perfect combination,” he enthuses.

Weatherhead adds that Kinesys is anticipating a very hectic autumn following the launch of its new, highly intelligent K2 control platform at PLASA 05.