Cutting-edge media server training with the Green Hippo Hippotizer is available at LDI2012. Taught by Tim Nauss, training director for Hippo's US distributor, TMB, this year's classes include a two-day basic to advanced training session, as well as hands-on Hippo Hot Spots that delve even deeper into Pixel Mapping, Video Mapping and Uber Pan.
The schedule is as follows:

L21: TMB Hippo School: Basic/Advanced Training
Monday-Tuesday, October 15-16, 9:30am-5:30pm
$595 ($695 after 9/14), includes lunch;
7 ETCP Renewal Credits
Class limit 16: two per work station
Get hands-on training with the award-winning Green Hippo Hippotizer V3, “America’s favorite media server,” at TMB Hippo School, a practical, step-by-step learning session. Many of the industry’s most exciting productions–concert tours, architectural, television, and corporate events–choose Hippotizer for video playback and effects: Nickelback; The Academy Awards; Def Leppard; Disney’s The Magic Kingdon, The Memories and You; Disney’s World of Color; Blue Man Group; Huntsman Annual Meeting and many others, in addition to television productions such as Dancing with the Stars and The Today Show. Hippotizer is distributed exclusively in the Americas by TMB.

Day 1 covers an overview of the Hippotizer product line and features, system setup, basic controls, managing media, screen warping, edge-blending, live projection masking, and basic timeline programming.

Target Audience: Lighting and projection designers, console programmers who want to learn how to use a cutting-edge media server.

Session highlights:
1. Hippotizer V3 product line and features
2. System setup and configuration
3. Navigating the interface
4. Managing media
5. ScreenWarping and projection masking
6. Basic Hippotizer functions
7. Timeline programming
8. Opportunity for hands-on experimentation

Day 2 covers advanced input and output features of the Hippotizer V3 system including: advanced timeline programming, DMX connectivity, automation integration, custom control protocols, Timecode, MIDI, OSC, RS232, PinBridge, and Synchronization.

Target Audience: Lighting and projection designers, console programmers who want to learn how to use a cutting-edge media server

Session highlights:
1. Advanced Timeline programming
2. DMX control of Hippotizers
3. Scenic automation integration
4. MIDI/SMPTE/OSC controls
5. Serial control
6. PinBridge programming
7. Synchronization

HIPPO HOT SPOTS: Special two-hour in-depth Hippo sessions designed to increase your advanced knowledge of this cutting-edge media server technology.

Each Hippo Hot Spot: $100 ($150 after 9/14)

L23: Pixel Mapping
Friday, October 19, 9am-11am

Lighting designers and programmers are always creating unique, complicated sequences of lighting. Hippotizer media servers allow users to incorporate lighting into video to achieve the same effects. This training session explores the functionality and control of PixelMapper, a component used to map video to lighting fixtures over standard lighting protocols.

L24: Video Mapping
Saturday, October 20 9am-11am

LED canvases comprised of multi-resolution displays of various sizes and configurations is now de rigueur for top-flight designers. Learn how to use VideoMapper to compensate for any configuration of LED tiles, as well as maximizing the output and control capabilities of your Hippotizer media server.

L25: UberPan

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Sunday, October 21 9am-11am

Displays often incorporate multiple mediums: projection, LED, LCD, and Lighting Fixtures. With no limits to resolution or amount of outputs, UberPan combines all of them into a seamless display using the power of multiple Hippotizer Media Servers. This training session will cover the configuration and output of UberPan.

Register for these and other cutting-edge courses in the LDInstitute by September 14 and save on your 2012 LDI experience.