Stage Technologies is pleased to announce two new appointments.

Eric Peacock has recently been welcomed to the board of Stage Technologies Ltd, joining John Simpson as a non-executive director. Following the company's recent growth and its further increase in international trading, Peacock brings extensive business experience from a worldwide marketplace with companies such as Hollas plc, Babygro plc, Barbour, Lindustries Textiles Ltd, and Hanson plc.

Gerry Jeatt joined Stage Technologies' senior management team at the end of 2006 to oversee large UK and international installations as project manager. Jeatt has over 27 years experience working in stage, production, and general management and is now running a range of projects from refits onboard Princess Cruises' ships through to the major power flying installation at the Leicester Performing Arts Centre in the UK. Jeatt is also managing some product development projects and is the company's ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance manager.