High End Systems leasing customers have access to lower rates customers now that leasing company FX Financial is a division of US Express Leasing.

“FX Financial has graded High End Systems lighting and control as ‘excellent’ collateral and offers monthly payments based in large part on the high resale value of the gear,” says Alan Garretson of FX Financial. “This means we can offer High End Systems’ US clients the lowest monthly payment on any lighting gear in the industry.”

Says High End Systems CFO Peter Duff, “We want to ensure our clients can afford the equipment they need. Offering lower monthly payments allows clients the flexibility at the outset to get the equipment needed quickly for that tour, theatre production, or corporate show. Our partnership with FX Financial has helped numerous companies get the gear with rates they can afford.”

Says Garretson, “Through FX Financial, High End also offers additional programs of low monthly payments with fixed price purchase options, such as 10 percent of the original cost and $1.00 purchase options at lease end, all designed to address your ownership requirements, your monthly budget or your rental revenue projections.

For more information, call 866-371-6741 or email your contact info to agarretson@fx-financial.com. You may also visit http://www.highend.com/contactus/financing/ for a monthly payment calculator and lease applications.