High End System’s Status Cue® lighting console will get its final software release by the end of 2001, adding Studio Beam®, Studio Spot® CMY and EC-2™ to the fixture library.

x.Spot™, High End’s newest light, will not be added, due to the Status Cue’s technical limitations in running especially complex fixtures. No fixtures will be added from other manufacturers.

Status Cue was introduced in 1993 and has been upgraded over the years with new software to operate High End’s DMX-512 lighting fixtures and competing products, until this year’s releases of the x.Spot. The company officially discontinued manufacturing the console last year, but continues to support it through its customer service department. This year, it has been used in architectural applications (including the Capitol building in Puerto Rico and the Shanghai Hungpau Pedestrian Tunnel) as well as performance situations, such as the group The Scorpions, and on TV, with the Miss South Africa Teen 2001 pageant.