High End Systems Inc.

has announced the addition of two new key positions to its executive management team based in Austin, TX.

David Parks joins High End in the role of senior VP of product development. With a background in engineering, operations, and finance, Parks will focus on maturing the organization's development processes, delivery, and design for manufacturing. He will work closely with Rick Thompson, VP of operations, in building cross-functional project management teams.

With Parks in place, HES R&D's VP of engineering Mike Wood takes on a new role as chief technology officer, focusing on the strategic planning, engineering, and selection of new products and technology. Wood will work closely with High End's product development committee; he will also maintain the Flying Pig Systems organization and act as key liaison with Richard Belliveau on intellectual property strategy.

"It was time to leverage both Mike's overall industry experience and past development knowledge into a more strategic and focused role," comments High End Systems CEO Frank Gordon. "Our industry is very competitive and it takes more resources to maintain a technology leadership position in the market."

John Wiseman, vice president of worldwide sales, says, "This plays to Mike's interest and complements his role as president of ESTA and past chairman of PLASA. Combined with High End's increased focus on product management, it's a big win for our customers."