Gear-Source, Inc. has announced it will launch a completely new version (GS3) of their website at LDI 2006 in Las Vegas.

“With GS3, we’ve grown up a whole lot, and you’ll see it shows” says Marcel Fairbairn, president of Gear-Source, Inc. “Not only are we expanding our offerings, and giving the user even more options to search, post listings, purchase, etc–we’re making the entire process easier.”

GS3 has streamlined the online selling process and brings important information to the forefront, making the entire experience more pleasant for users. In addition, the company will soon begin taking advantage of the new design, adding features to further benefit the selling process.

“It’s always been our goal to offer a host of selling methods among other options. Until now, we haven’t had the tools. The new page designs, and backend software will allow us to start adding features to the listing process enabling the seller who needs his money fast to take advantage of additional tools available,” Fairbairn adds. employs an in-house web development team that has been working on the new design for more than six months. Director of web development, Ezra Peace, says, “We’ve come a long way from the start up we were four years ago to the family of ecommerce companies we are today. GS version three is going to take us to the next level of business, allowing us to better compete in the mainstream market and providing a level of self service and accessibility never before achieved in this industry.”

New features include:
• Greater accessibility and usability
• Greater targeted exposure via SEO
• Refined processes across the board
• More opportunities to feature your product
• New Banner modules
• Friendlier look and feel

The site will launch the first day of LDI, October 20th, 2006 following several weeks of testing and implementation. Please drop by the Gear-Source booth #403 for a full demonstration and step-by-step look at GS3. Also, the Gear-Source booth this year is an Internet café, so feel free to check your email, or just surf the latest college football scores. They will share our booth with sister companies and