On 1st August 2005 Directors of Scenechange and Green Hippo announced the merger of the two companies under the name of Green Hippo Ltd.Up until recently Scenechange the digital media specialists had been working very closely as the exclusive worldwide distributors of the award-winning Hippotizer media server, but as the sales and the worldwide distribution network began to grow, it was time to look at the future.

"Its become more and more apparent over the last year or so that the combination of Green Hippo and Scene Change as a force for furthering the Hippotizer has really been a meeting of like minded enthusiasts. Like two heads sharing one brain," explains James Heron, director and part founder of Green Hippo.

"Relationships have been so closely bonded that we could not see any sense in operating as individual businesses," Heron continues. " For Hippotizer to continue going from strength to strength, the merging of the two companies was the only sensible option. We now have the team we always wanted under one roof and this puts us in an incredible strong position to develop, evolve and support our media server range. We're delighted with the move and look forward to demonstrating what a focused team with a shared passion can achieve. Before the merger we were at the forefront of our field. As a single entity we can push the boundaries even more than we have to date."

As part of the merger, the two companies completed a move into new larger premises where developments of the new Hippotizer software will continue at great pace. Nigel Sadler, formerly technical director of Scenechange joins the Green Hippo team in the role of Sales Director.

"It’s an honor to be working with such a talented team of people at Green Hippo, and such an exciting place to be with all the new products that are in development at the moment," says Sadler. "The merger of the two companies will only strengthen our ability to serve the most important members of the team – the customers."

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