One of the most popular music festivals in the world, the 2002 Glastonbury Festival took place June 28-30 at Worthy Farm in Somerset, England. The festival was attended by 130,000 people. Avolites supplied 13 consoles for 11 different venues. The Avolites team included Steve Warren, Koy Neminathan, Nick Forro, and Ben Miles.

On the main Pyramid Stage, Neg Earth Lights was the main lighting contractor, and the overall lighting was designed and overseen by Phil Freeman. Performers included Coldplay, the Charlatans, Rod Stewart, and Roger Waters. Fixtures included Martin MAC 2000s plus High End Systems Studio Spots, Studio Colors, and Studio Beam PCs.

The "Other Stage" lighting was looked after by Steve Hall and Rob Gawler, with equipment again supplied by Neg Earth. Here an Avolites Sapphire was used, alongside a Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II with WYSIWYG. The primary moving lights were High End Systems Studio Spots and Studio Colors, Coemar SuperCycs, plus a substantial conventional rig.

Bristol-based Fineline supplied five areas with lighting: Jazzworld Stage (LDs Nic Ayres, Steve Walsh, and Rob Watson), Circus Tent (LDs James Loudon and Jan Osborne), Cabaret Tent (LDs Simon Johnson and Sam Morgan), Theatre Tent (LD Hal Himsworth), and Acoustic Stage (LDs Reuben Pinkney and Rob Sangwell).

Colour Sound Experiment supplied the Dance Tent lighting. Haydn Cruickshank and Dave 'Fletch' Fletcher ran the show, using a Pearl 2000 and a Jands Event, plus Avo dimming. Colour Sound also supplied the New Bands Tent, and the Glade arena lighting was run by Colour Sound's Jasper Johns using Pulsar control.

In the Smirnoff Experience Tent, LD Nick Jevons and Kris Lundberg used an Avolites Sapphire. Fixtures included Martin MAC 2000s, 500s, and 600s plus Martin Atomic strobes. All lighting gear in this area was supplied by Bandit Lites. The No Fit State circus tent featured an Avolites Pearl 2000, run by Ali Circus Girl, plus Avolites dimmers. The Radio One dance stage arena featured lighting by Halo Live, co-designed by Steve Marley and Yann Guenancia and operated by Mark Tigwell.

Photos: Steve Warren