GearSource has created a new Online project, LED Source, to deliver a range of LED products from leading manufacturers through its e-commerce Internet site.

Founder and president Marcel Fairbairn states, “LED’s have obviously become a leading component of today’s lighting market. Although we’ve never really been driven to establish a site for sales of new gear, the market for LED sales is so fragmented and confused right now. We saw an opportunity to step up and establish a sales entity online where we would could provide quality LED products to both dealers and end-users."

Dealers can apply with the company, and based on their special login profile, they will see pricing below that of an end-user. “It’s really no different than any other dealership," adds Fairbairn. "We’re looking for the right qualifications from our dealers.”

Joining Fairbairn in LED Source are general manager and VP of technology Gavin Cooper, who comes from a very recent LED manufacturing and design background, and Cynthia Viteri, VP of sales, who has worked closely with Fairbairn in recent ventures including Gear-Source, Inc, Coemar USA, and Martin Professional. Additional staff members will be introduced in coming months.

The site is online now and has already provided products to clients including a chain of music stores, a top museum design firm, lighting resellers, and high profile clubs.

For more information, visit LED Source or call (866)900-4LED.