Furman Sound, Inc. recently introduced the RVC-7 Series of AC Power Conditioners. The RVC-7 Series is the first-ever series of comprehensive AC Power Conditioners specifically engineered for plasma screens and video projectors for all commercial and residential applications. The RVC Series’ RVC-7 and RVC-7W models both partner Furman Sound’s exclusive Symmetrically Balanced Power with Plitron Transformer’s Narrow Bandwidth Technology.

For the first time, one isolation transformer vastly reduces both common and transverse mode noise from the AC line and aids in the elimination of hum bars. The RVC series’ video-optimized technology greatly increases picture quality while simultaneously ensuring the highest level of performance possible, regardless of the viewing hour or location.

Additionally, all RVC Series units feature full non-sacrificial surge protection, without the use of MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors). Non-sacrificial surge protection ensures full component protec-tion while virtually eliminating any post-surge downtime related to storms and power utility in-cidents. Each RVC Series unit can handle an AC current capacity of 7-amps, which will ac-commodate any size plasma screen and virtually any CRT.

The RVC-7 is a standard 17” component package with optional rack ears, while the RVC-7W features an “in-wall” mount, ideally secured to the same wall studs and immediately behind the plasma screen’s wall mounting brackets. The RVC-7W provides contractors and installers with a vital tool for protecting and enhancing their client’s plasma screens and home theater projec-tors, while eliminating the need to “home–run” the AC wiring.

Furman Sound, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of signal processing and power conditioning products since 1974.

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