The National Constitution Center, on Philadelphia's Independence Mall, is the first museum in the world dedicated to honoring and explaining the U.S. Constitution through more than 100 interactive exhibits. Freedom Rising, the center piece of The Story of We the People" exhibition, is a multi-media presentation produced by Donna Lawrence Productions combining HD and standard video, a live actor, and a 360-degree projection screen in the 350 seat star-shaped Kimmel Theatre.

The Kimmel Theater, a 350-seat star-shaped theater, shows Freedom Rising, a multi-media production on a 360° screen. Photo: Jerome Sirlin

Lit by Jerome Sirlin (who also was the scenic designer) the show used five Vari*Lite VL1000/TS fixtures and 10 VL1000/TI fixtures all run from a Zero 88 19" rack mounting Frog Box (distributed in North America by A.C.T Lighting, Inc.) triggered via SMPTE outputs from the show control system designed and provided by Electrosonics, Inc. In addition to the 15 moving lights, the Frog Box also runs a DMX-controlled pentagonal projection screen and the auditorium house lighting. Noam "CC" Cooperstock programmed the show using a Leap Frog console and then loaded the show to the Frog Box for playback via SMPTE.

Photo: Jerome Sirlin

A newcomer to the Frog Series, Cooperstock found the console, "Very easy to use, simple yet powerful. I did miss the tracking functionality that I would have had on a larger console, however, this console is straight forward in the extreme," Cooperstock remarks. Theatrical coordinator Kai Brothers, of Kai Production Strategies, chose the Frog Box and Frog console for the installation, which was purchased through Barbizon New York; "For it's simplicity and price - you can't beat being less than half the price of the competition."

Photo: Jerome Sirlin

The center, which opened on the 4th of July, is expected to have a million visitors a year.

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