Four standards being developed by ESTA's Rigging Working Group are in public review through 17:00 U.S. Eastern Time on 27 April 2004. The four standards are:

ANSI E1.1-1999, Entertainment Technology - Construction and Use of Wire Rope Ladders. This is a reaffirmation of the existing standard, without any changes to the standard.

BSR E1.2-200x, Entertainment Technology - Design, Manufacture and Use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers. This is a revision of the existing standard, ANSI E1.2-2000, to address problems that could be caused by improper application or removal of surface coatings.

BSR E1.15-200x, Entertainment Technology - Manufacture, Assembly, and Use of Theatrical Boom & Base Assemblies. This is the second public review of this draft standard, which was modified to address concerns raised in the first public review.

BSR E1.21-200x, Temporary Ground-Supported Overhead Structures Used to Cover Stage Areas and Support Equipment in the Production of Outdoor Entertainment Events. This is the first public review of this draft standard for portable stage roofs.

Links to the public review materials for these standards-drafting projects are on the ESTA website at The review materials include free copies of the draft versions of BSR E1.2, BSR E1.15, and BSR E1.21. For the existing ANSI E1.1-1999, links are provided to vendors from whom the standard may be purchased at its normal price.

Neither ESTA nor Accredited Standards Committee E1 (which is the official ANSI designation for the Technical Standards Program) warrant that ESTA's standards contain no protected intellectual property. However, it is not our intention to publish any standard that contains protected intellectual property, unless that property can be licensed for use by anyone for a reasonable fee. As part of these public reviews, people are invited to bring any protected intellectual property that might be in one of these documents to the attention of the Rigging Working Group.

For additional information contact:
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Technical Standards Manager
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