The much-anticipated, long-awaited Flying Pig Systems Wholehog III console is now shipping with version 1.0 software.

The first five U.S. Wholehog III consoles and DP2000 DMX processing units were passed through High End Systems' Austin Quality Control before being shipped to their various beta test locations nationwide. This delivery follows the placement of several beta consoles throughout the UK and Europe. HES' Brad Schiller is managing the beta launch in the U.S., while Lee House handles the U.K.

The response from the beta test program led to the release of Wholehog III software version 1.0.

Says Robert Mokry, Wholehog III product launch manager, "We're very happy the Hogs are now shipping. The hardware is complete and the beta test program yielded great results that has ensured a solid version 1.0 release. The idea behind V1.0 software is to release a reliable build that offers the core features users must have to do a show, with features such as XYZ positioning and Hog II show import scheduled for delivery later this year."

"The response has been overwhelming from our WHIII beta sites, along with programmers, lighting designers and theatre consultants worldwide who have seen the console. We're also releasing WHIII console launch program materials such as a new website (check out for the new look), an Ethernet system design guide, system risers/examples, pricing, etc. Wholehog III training classes will be announced soon, as taught by HES' Vickie Claiborne in the U.S. and Lee House in the U.K. Keep an eye on for more info."