Peter Maradudin, a former principal of Visual Terrain and founding principal of Light and Truth, and Matt Levesque, a former senior designer of Visual Terrain, have joined to create First Circle, a consultancy for all aspects of lighting design from architecture, themed environments, hospitality and live events. They are joined by another Visual Terrain designer, Catherine Hegdale, and by prominent theatre and dance lighting designer, Agnieszka Kunska.

“We all enjoyed our time at Visual Terrain, and believe that it remains the pre-eminent firm in the industry for a certain kind of lighting design. But we wanted to create something of a ‘boutique’ firm within the industry – one that could provide a level of client support and project quality that is difficult for a larger firm to provide,” says principal Maradudin.

“There are definite advantages to being part of a small circle of design talent,” says co-principal Levesque. “We hope to accept only as much work as we can handle with grace, dignity, and with a sense of humor. The projects will be the better for this.”

The firm is located in Newport Beach, CA. Current projects for the new firm include The Armory in Portland, OR, a slate of theatrical premieres across the country, and ATMA, Infinite Worlds in Hollywood, FL. For further information please contact