Architect Gregory Beck, AIA, will lead this year's Experience Architecture Forum at Harvard July 31-August 2, at Cambridge, MA. In the press release, Experience Architecture is described thusly:

Experience Architecture unites media technology and narrative content to produce dramatic new environments. This field of practice now influences the development of retail and brand centers, entertainment destinations, museum and cultural attractions, and main streets across the country.

Sponsored by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Professional Development Program, the forum will feature many guest speakers exploring "the art and science of the guest experience--its design values, best practices, and new venues." Guest speakers will include:

  • Joseph Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy

  • Dennis Earl Moore, show designer and producer

  • Wing Chao, FAIA, Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Dennis Frenchman, AIA, director of the MIT Joint Program in City Design and Development

  • Tony Hiss, author of The Experience of Place

  • Brent Oppenheimer, brand strategist

  • Matthew Potteiger & Jamie Purinton, co-authors, Landscape Narratives--Design Practices for Telling Stories

  • Richard Groves, development specialist

  • Nicki Gondell, consumer trend forecaster

  • Prataap Patrose, urban scenarist

  • Dr. Christian Mikunda, Vienna-based experience designer

  • Lawrence Whitman, AIA, retail marketplace architect

Tuition for the forum is $895; for registration and catalog info, call (617) 496-0436. Web info: