Euro Display is enjoying a successful year, with the launch of its proEvent Series maxi-screens, participation in the Olympic Torch journey, and additions to its staff.

The company launched proEVENT® Series maxi-screens designed for the portability and stability requirements of concerts, sporting events, conventions, and other high-impact venues. The proEVENT Series sold over 200 units in the past year, with an anticipated 300% increase expected in 2006. With its easy setup and quick installation— three people can mount a 5x4mt screen in just 50 minutes–its ideal for the rental and staging industry. Due to its innovative auto-centering and locking system, two people can build the units with precision, even on an uneven surface. The proEVENT® Series also features plug-and-play technology that allows real-time visualization with a DVI cable connection to a common PC or mixer.

Euro Display also had a presence at the 2006 Winter Olympics, as two of its giant screens with Surface Mounting Device (SMD) technology followed the Olympic torch during it’s final two-month trek. Samsung chose two giant screens in SMD TOP LED with a 10mm pitch for added visibility to mount on the truck following the lighted procession.

Strategic plans for 2006 include reinforcing the production structure to maximize efficiencies, expanding the physical facilities, and meeting the consistent growth in demand of Euro Display’s quality LED products.