The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Council has announced the Rigging Training Recognition Program guidelines, application, and licensing requirements are now available. This program has been initiated to recognize rigging training programs for ETCP Renewal Credits. ETCP Certified Riggers are required to participate in on-going professional education to maintain their certification.

After the launch of the Entertainment Electrician Examination in October 2006, ETCP will begin recognizing electrical training programs. ETCP Recognized Programs provide Certificants with twice as many renewal credits as unrecognized programs. Many organizations will find ETCP Recognition and the ETCP logo (specifically for Recognized Programs) to be effective tools for marketing their programs. Programs receiving ETCP Recognition will be listed on the ETCP website with the contact name, phone number, and a link to the provider's web site. Training providers who wish to have their programs recognized must submit a full program description, a list of instructors including qualifications, learning objectives and other requested program information for administrative review.

ETCP will recognize educational programs that promote competence in areas of expertise related to ETCP credentials. Organizations interested in receiving ETCP Recognition for their program(s) must complete and sign the application form that includes a Limited License Agreement for use of the ETCP logo and approved tag line.

The guidelines, application form, and licensing requirements are available online at To have the information mailed or emailed to you, contact Katie Geraghty, ETCP Certification Director at In order to provide adequate time for marketing your program, ETCP recommends applications be submitted at least three months prior to the program date.