AVAB transtechnik France and ETC International came together in August 2003 to lay the groundwork for their mutual development in France. The accord was the result of ETC International's buy-out of the transtechnik GmbH involvement in AVAB transtechnik France.

In particular, the agreement confirmed the following points:
- the AVAB brand name will be retained and developed;
- the AVAB transtechnik France staff will be retained;
- the sales and distribution policy will continue (Juliat, Selecon, Ardiis, Dynalite)
- the long-running partnership with Robert Juliat will continue and be developed.

Beginning January 1, 2004, AVAB transtechnik France will be the exclusive distributor of ETC spotlights (the Source Four™ line, including Revolution, the new moving light from ETC) in France. Eclalux will continue as the exclusive distributor of ETC control consoles and dimmers in France and the ETC spotlight dealer in the Ile de France.