The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) recently announced the appointment of David Taylor, Director of Project Management at Theatre Projects Consultants, to the Board of Directors. A recent vacancy in the position of Affiliate Director allowed ESTA President Mike Wood to appoint David to the Board to fill the remaining two years of the vacated term.

Upon his appointment David commented, “Theatre Projects are privileged to specify a huge amount of performance equipment for the US and world markets and we value our close relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and contractors - I look forward to contributing to the ESTA Board and supporting the mission of the family of diverse ESTA members to create a better, safer and more efficient entertainment market."

David joined Theatre Projects in the UK in 1985, became a Project Leader in 1989, and a Senior Consultant in 1993. He moved to the United States in 1993 where he is based at TPC's Connecticut office. In 1998 he became a member of the Theatre Projects Board and assumed his current position.

As a freelance lighting designer, David's work has been seen in over one hundred productions in the United States and Europe. He is an Associate Artist of the new writing company Southern Lights and an Associate of Stage One Theatre Company. He was a Director of Temba Theatre Company and was a director of the Roundhouse Arts Centre Ltd.

David was Secretary of the Association of Lighting Designers 1986-1993, during which time he was a prolific spokesman for the profession of lighting design in Europe, and became a lifetime Fellow in 1993. He served for four years on the Equity Designers Committee and was the union design representative to the Equity Health and Safety Committee. He is a frequent contributor to magazines, newspapers and journals in Europe and North America and was a contributing editor to Theatre Crafts until 1994.