Over 125 industry professionals attended The ESTA Foundation’s Tony Awards party on Sunday evening, June 11, 2006. The party was held at Cibo, a lovely restaurant on the East Side of Manhattan, with flat screen monitors supplied by Scharff Weisberg broadcasting the awards in every corner of each room. The event was a benefit for The ESTA Foundation’s Behind The Scenes initiative, which provides industry members with grants for emergency situations, such as serious illness, injury or death.

"We are thrilled that so many of the talented people behind the Tony-nominated shows on Broadway turned out to support Behind the Scenes and enjoy the evening with their colleagues. The gathering of companies and crafts was unprecedented and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year," says Lori Rubinstein, a member of The ESTA Foundation board of directors.

Companies which purchased tables for the event include:

Atlantic Industrial Technologies

Aurora Productions

Cigar Box Studios

I. Weiss

McLaren Engineering

Production Resource Group

PRG Scenic Technologies

Proof Productions

Rose Brand

Scenic Art Studios

Scharff Weisberg

Showman Fabricators

Sound Associates

Also attending were representatives from:

Altman Rentals

Geiger Engineers

Global Scenic Services

Goddard Design

Lighting & Sound America

Live Design

Stone Pro Rigging

PRG’s Bill Groener, also a member of The ESTA Foundation board of directors, spoke briefly about Behind The Scenes, noting that the first grants have been awarded and have been instrumental in helping those in need. A special thanks went to Fred Gallo, also of PRG, who arranged for the party to take place at Cibo.