ESTA (the Entertainment Services and Technology Association) announces the Frank Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award, created to honor Frank’s incomparable service to the Association over the last 18 years. This award recognizes extraordinary effort by a volunteer or group of volunteers during the previous year.

At ESTA’s annual dinner on November 10th in Orlando, ESTA’s past and current presidents gathered to honor the only Treasurer ESTA has ever had, for whom the award is named. Glenn Becker, ESTA’s first President, told the assembled crowd, “For most of us, life, as we have become accustomed to, is about to end. Our Treasurer for Life is hanging up his Stetson and riding his motorcycle off into the sunset. Frank Stewart will be sorely missed. Frank is the epitome of what this Association stands for, the mutual benefit of its members. No one has volunteered more of his or her time, talents and personal funds than Frank Stewart. No one in ESTA, past or present, has not been touched by Frank’s wisdom, and future members will be assured of a firm foundation that was inspired by Frank.”

Immediate past president Mike Wood then presented the 2005 Frank Stewart Volunteer of the Year Award to Rocky Paulson, Eddie Raymond, and Bill Sapsis for their work in developing the ETCP rigging certifications. Serving as tri-chairs of the Rigging Skills Working Group, leaders of the Subject Matter Experts, and members of the ETCP Council, Paulson, Raymond, and Sapsis led by example in creating this program for the entertainment industry.

Wood cited some of the comments that accompanied their nomination: “Their work is a perfect example of how a group can focus their collective energy, expertise and knowledge. They played a major role in making the whole SME experience a positive one for their fellow volunteers. They have made themselves extraordinarily available and responsive to staff, hired professionals and their fellow volunteers. They have acted as true tri-chairs, sharing workload and decisions and interfacing seamlessly. They are perfect volunteers.”