Revisions are proposed for the existing American National Standard E1.2-2000, Entertainment Technology - Design, Manufacture and use of Aluminum Trusses and Towers. The proposed revisions are additions to address the effects adding or removing paint and other coatings may have on the strength of aluminum truss and tower modules and to delete specific approval dates in the references to other standards so that the most recent versions are referred to by default. These proposed revisions are now available for public review and comment through the end of the business day in New York, 15 April 2003.

The proposed revisions are detailed in "Proposed Additions and Changes to ANSI E1.2-2000," which is available for free on the ESTA website at or by contacting Karl G. Ruling at the address shown below. The existing ANSI E1.2-2000 document is available for purchase in electronic form at ANSI's Electronic Standards Store It is also available for purchase in hard copy from USITT at the USITT website or by calling USITT at 1-315-463-6463.

To obtain the "Proposed Additions and Changes to ANSI E1.2-2000" or more information, please contact:

Karl G. Ruling, Technical Standards manager
875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1005
New York, NY 10001
fax 1-212-244-1502