The NSCA recently received word that the electronic systems technician (EST) apprenticeship program has been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor for the state of California.

Approved training and on-the-job training support, both required, is available now through the NSCA. To qualify for this year’s program and earn the necessary hours, technicians must get enrolled in the NSCA’s EST Training Series Level One Monday, October 13.

To meet impending California requirements, technicians must receive 144 hours of related classroom instruction annually and follow on-the-job training standards. Both of these are supported through the NSCA’s new EST Training Series and apprenticeship support module and may still be accomplished this year if enrolled by Monday, October 13.

The EST Training Series is an e-based training using a Master Instructor and an in-house facilitator appointed by the company. Interactive software commonly used by many colleges and universities delivers the instruction. Level One covers such broad topics as basic safety, electrical theory and low voltage cabling. To support apprenticeship, the EST Training Series, in its entirety, is a four-year program. It runs September through May each year.

And as announced by the NSCA last week, technicians may also receive associate degrees upon completion of the EST Training Series and apprenticeship program by taking an additional 18 hours of “soft skill” classes online from Kirkwood Community College. New NSCA certifications are also a possible next step, certifying ESTs at the introductory level and electronic systems integrators, ESIs, at the more advanced level.

For a demo of the EST Training Series or to register, visit or call 800.446.6722.