Direct connectivity with ESP Vision software with some new exclusive features is now available for Wholehog 3 console owners. A new partnership between ESP Vision of Las Vegas and High End Systems (HES; Austin, TX) is allowing Wholehog 3 owners to make use of this ground-breaking visualization technology.

ESP Vision software simulates all facets of a lighting fixture’s capability and personality in real-time via a simple Ethernet connection with a Wholehog 3 console. The visualization provides the user with a powerful toolset to create and pre-program spectacular shows and lighting designs.

“This connectivity to ESP Vision is exciting because of the functionality it will add to the Wholehog 3 console,” says Robbie Bruce, HES director of software development. “It’s optimized for the Wholehog 3, meaning that it carries features the normal ESP Vision software doesn’t offer for other brands of consoles. Exclusive features will include direct access to raw DMX data, remote focus, autopatching and the ability to do blind preview. Blind preview allows the user to look ahead from the lighting cue they’re in to the next cue coming up.”

“ESP Vision and the integrated Hog 3 code will allow lighting designers and programmers to create and see elaborate lighting shows long before they ever get to the show venue,” Bruce continues. “The combined products will offer unique and sophisticated programming views with amazing accuracy. A show preprogrammed in Hog 3 ESP Vision looks remarkably like the finished product – complete with realistic lighting shadows, color mixing and fixture settings. This will quickly become the standard for show programming.”

“It’s a springboard to the future,” says Dedrick Ducket, director of technology for ESP Vision. “This is just the beginning of our relationship, providing direct connectivity through the family of Wholehog 3 products including Wholehog 3, Hog iPC, and Hog 3PC. Ultimately, the lighting professional will benefit the most from our seamless integration.”

Explaining the connectivity process, Duckett says, “The Wholehog 3 and its DP (Data Processor) are two units. The DP has connections for the DMX cable and the console talks to the DP. ESP and HES have jointly developed direct connectivity by means of a virtual DP from which ESP gets info. The console talks to ESP without hardware intervention via Ethernet. People want to connect directly to us without expensive interface hardware."

Connectivity between the Wholehog 3 console and ESP Vision requires Wholehog 3 software version 1.3.8, which is due to be released soon.

“High End Systems is excited about offering the newest and most innovative visualization technology available with our consoles,” adds Bill Morris, HES VP of Sales. “We are also happy to say that the close partnership between HES and ESP Vision will result in HES customers able to purchase ESP Vision at the best possible price during the next few months.”

Existing Wholehog 3 users will have to go to ESP Vision, however, to purchase the license. Their Wholehog 3 console registration number will be required for the special price, which is only available for a few months.

New Wholehog 3 console purchasers will get the special price offer at the time of purchase through High End Systems, for a limited time only.

Contact ESP Vision at 702-492-6923, or visit the website at