As reported in The New York Times on Janaury 30, 2104, the Empire State Building will change colors based on a Twitter feed from Broncos and Seahawks fans, every night leading up to the Super Bowl. Sponsored by Verizon, this colorful lightshow started on Monday, Janaaury 29, inviting fans to tweet their predictions using the hashtag #WhosGonnaWin. These predictions change the colors on the budiling based on an algorithm created by a team of M.I.T. graduates: blue and orange for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, green and white for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. At the end of an hour of tweets, from 6pm-7pm, the winning colors will remain atop the building for the rest of the evening.  

“This is a first for me,”  lighting designer Marc Brickman told The New York Times,  “It is the most interactive lighting project I have ever been involved with, and, I believe, the first of its kind in America.” Might be the first true encounter of social media as a lighting controller.

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