Scharff Weisberg collaborated with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, providing audio and video for both the 33rd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards and the 27th Annual Sports Emmy Awards, which were staged little more than a week apart.

Held at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York City on April 22, the 33rd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards honored those involved in daytime drama, talk and other programming. President and CEO of the Academy Peter O. Price kicked off the evening, which featured Meredith Vieira and Martha Stewart among the presenters.

Digital Betacam was the playback format of choice for nearly 50 clips of the nominees and winners. “For the first time, the daytime creative community was able to see clips of their work during the ceremony,” notes Rose Anderson, director of production for the Academy. “Because of Scharff Weisberg, we were able to present these clips in a way that was very well received by the audience.”

Digital Betacam playback and IMAG captured with a Sony DXC-D30 camera were fed into a GV Kayak DD switcher. Video was projected onto a single large screen by a pair of Barco R10 dual-converged projectors, which had been fed an SDI signal from the Kayak.

The suspense that accompanies a live awards show kept Scharff Weisberg tape operator Sean Kelly on his toes. “The accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche LLP announced the winners only seconds prior to rolling clips to screen,” points out Scharff Weisberg event manager Guy Bostian. “Sean did an amazing job of cueing each clip with only seconds between them.”

The ceremony was recorded onto Sony 2800 Beta SP decks furnished by Scharff Weisberg. The company also provided a complement of audio equipment consisting of a Meyer M2D line array and Crest X8 console.

The 27th Annual Sports Emmy Awards ceremony, held May 1 at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater in New York City, was attended by 1,000 members of the network sports community.

Thomson Grass Valley, a sponsor of the event, supplied two of the GV Turbos required for playback. Scharff Weisberg furnished two additional Turbos; over 150 clips were stored on the systems for the nominee presentations and quick replay once the winners were announced. Scharff Weisberg tape operator Tom Whipple easily kept pace with the excitement of the evening.

Scharff Weisberg also provided two Sony DXC-D50 cameras for IMAG and Digital Betacam decks for playback of the animated logo loop; the cameras and decks fed a GV Kayak DD switcher operated by Mary Driscoll.

The Kayak’s SDI signal fed a pair of Barco R12 dual-converged projectors, manned by Scharff Weisberg’s John David Williams, which displayed content on a 15x20-foot screen. The ceremony was recorded onto Sony 2800 Beta SP decks.

“Having worked with Scharff Weisberg on the major events of the Academy of the past year I can say our involvement has been a terrific experience,” declares Rose Anderson. “Scharff Weisberg’s event tech and personnel have meant that our Emmy nominees’ work has received the best possible presentation. Scharff Weisberg’s depth of expertise translates into total reliability.”

Mike Alboher was engineer for the Sports Emmys with Guy Bostian serving as event manager for both Emmy ceremonies.