Altman Rentals announces that Element Labs, Main Light, Selador, and Idyll Hands Imagery will be joining the LED Manufacturers Showcase on Thursday, June 22 from 2pm-7pm, and Friday, June 23 10am-3pm at its facilities in Yonkers. These LED manufacturers will be joining AC Lighting, Altman Lighting, Barco, Color Kinetics, James Thomas Engineering, and Pulsar for an LED Manufacturers Showcase to highlight some of the latest technologies.

AC Lighting will be showing its new Chroma-Q™ Color Web product in addition to its Color Block LEDs. Altman will show off its SpectraPAR as well as its Smart-Track with Spectra LED luminaires. Barco will highlight its MiPIX LEDs that allows for infinite configurations and can handle video inputs. Color Kinetics will showcase its broad range of products. Element Labs will have its newest product, the Stealth™ screen, a high resolution display that’s extremely lightweight, deploys rapidly, and folds together for easy stacking. James Thomas will feature the latest in its PixelRange of digital solid state lighting products. Main Light will be displaying its Soft-LED™ drapery that can take a video input for a dynamic backdrop. Working with Main Light is Idyll Hands Imagery, a digital content creator, who provides imagery for a wide range of products. Pulsar will have a variety of products from its popular ChromaRange™ family of LED lighting fixtures. Selador™ will be showing the X7™ luminaires, which utilize a patent-pending seven-color LED mix for intensely saturated colors across the spectrum.

A unique part of the event will be the opportunity to attend designer roundtables, where lighting designers will discuss working with LED fixtures; mixing them with conventional and moving lights; and where they see the future of this prominent technology going when designing with LEDs for events, theatre, television, and film applications. These roundtables will be conducted at various times during the event. Participating designers include Jamie Burnett, Michael Fink, Herrick Goldman, Martin Graves, Rita Kogler Carver, Christien Methot, Susan Nicholson, and Guy Smith. A schedule of speaking times is posted on the Altman Rentals site,

The LED Manufacturers Showcase and designer talks are free to attend. The two-day event will take place at the Altman Rentals facility in Yonkers. Food and refreshments will be served. Directions are available at

An RSVP would be appreciated but is not required for this event. You may RSVP on the Altman Rentals website at: or by calling Eddy Marketing at 203-798-9900.